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How Affiliate Program Works

Affiliate Program Process

With our Affiliation Program, both Referrer and Affiliate can gain more hashpower quickly

01. How to became a referrer

If you have activated your EuropaMine account, you can get your own referral link in your dashboard, and give it all around to start gain new hashpower.

How can you gain with Affiliate Program?

Every news user registered with your referral code, give you a 5% hashpower for every purchase LIFETIME! Yes, you can gain 5% from your affiliates purchases lifetime.

02. If you are a new customer

If you don't have an EuropaMine Account, before to register is a good idea to find a referral code (or a referral link), so you can add 5% more discount on your first purchase.

Don't miss the chance to save money, search for a Referrer!

After you have activate your registration, you can get your own referral code and gain 5% hashpower from your affiliates purchases.